Our horse leasing program is a way for you to have a horse for you or your child without all the cost of horse ownership. Our leases are set up on Saturdays where you can come out anytime from noon to 8 pm and enjoy your horse.

This allows you to ride, groom, and just get to take time around a horse. Many of our leases love to practice what they learn in their weekly lessons on the lease days.

Leasee is responsible for spring vaccines, cost varies please ask for more details.

We mutually consent to leasing for six-month intervals, followed by an assessment to determine if the rider and horse remain compatible. Parents may verbally extend the lease for another six months. If either party feels the arrangement isn’t successful, we can discuss terminating the lease.

To learn what horses are available please call or email us.

$230 monthly

Off property horse shows: We offer one day hauling to and from show and all day coaching by a J&J Instructor.
$150/per show